Woughton on the green, Cattle Grazing.

Woughton on the Green Cattle

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Woughton On The Green -  St Mary's

Thistle Study 001
Thistle study 2021 2
Thistle study 4

Thistle Studies Summer 2021

                                                      The poem below was written by Edith San Pedro Mills, inspired by the three thistle paintings  

Edith San Pedro Mills - Poet

Amazing Moths in the Moonlight. Calling down the Moon Goddess, let down your white tresses for us to climb gently towards the stars. Finding nectar in the fronds of a thistle. A whistle from the moon, too soon to say how many of our hatchlings will survive, our cocoons marooned, on the underside of the thistle, so sharp and off-putting, with it's crinkly edges, so off-putting to soft bovine mouthes, I wonder why they cleave so hard to one another, like lovers in the moonlight.

Edith San Pedro Mills

'1994 Cabbage Field'

Mark Edgar Thomas Robinson

The Three Locks Pub - Woolstone

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Cabbage field and Windmill

Cabbages and Windmill